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Thinking outside the box in business

Thinking outside the box in business

by Ankit Agarwal
September 13, 2017

Thinking outside the box in business

Thinking outside the box in business

by Ankit Agarwal
September 13, 2017


Successful businessmen became a huge hit because they defied the generally tried-and-tested business practices and chose instead to think outside the box. Similarly, you can train your imagination like a muscle with routine exercise to change your perspective regarding the way you look at things in your business.


As a business person, you need to put your best foot forward by implementing creative thinking in order to give the end user a brilliant customer experience. The secret ingredient to deliver this is the precision of the business model, business plan and the business positioning. It isn't something that comes naturally to most business people. Running a business requires execution and flawless implementation of logical workflows and analytical thinking.

As a business person, you need a little extra to make a world of difference to pave your way to success by thinking out of the box to acquire the extra edge over your competition and attract customers and reduce customer retention.

Ponder over these tips to stand a class apart in your niche:

Goal setting


If the goals you set out to achieve are not being realised by conventional methods, you and your employees are likely to look for out of the box ideas and devise a completely new approach. As a business person you can refer to them as conceptual shifts or unruly technologies presenting new solutions causing unexpected opportunities.

This is ideally the core of ideation and brainstorming. Ideas sometimes right off the bat do not look so good at the first glimpse, and these need time to evolve into fully fledged creative solutions. Even bad ideas often have a chunk of potential that can be renovated into one of your best alternatives.

Offer incentives and competition and a healthy work environment


A friendly competition or an attractive incentive package is a brilliant way to bring out a fresh horde of unedited ideas. This type of approach is known to work best if you make a quick effort. Who knows, one of these ideas may possibly be the gem that you need to take your business activities to a whole another level?

An environment with optimum temperature is integral for the assured comfort of all your employees. Besides, the comforting level of temperature in a workspace goes a long way in ensuring the continued productivity of the employees. This is why a through heating system is essential to trigger maximum productivity and constant flow of ideas.

Pick out the recognizable patterns in detached domains


Compare unrelated and completely detached aspects and you are bound to find a sizzling concept which is absolutely out of the box. For instance, compare investors and customers. If you take start-ups into account you will notice that customers are generally not considered as investors, but many customers might see potential returns as reason enough to invest in future growths and thereby opt to pay for equity.

Change the way you talk


When you make a dedicated effort to concentrate on the affirmatives rather than the negatives, your creative horizons are bound to expand rather than getting stuck in worst-case scenarios.

Almost all business alternatives have their own set of strengths and weaknesses which when analysed present the opportunities and threats as well. The key is to structure a strategy which best favours your business goals.


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